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Benz repair



BMW repair


Porsche repair


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Audi repair


Outstanding service

Mehdi Eskandari (Masafat Sazan) repair shop is proud to provide customer service.

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    After the customer arrives and fills out the form due to the customer’s visit to the repair shop, the car is diagnosed by an expert and the machine is notified with the approximate cost to the customer.

  2. 2

    After agreeing with the customer that the vehicle has been repaired and accepted, depending on the type of fault, it enters the relevant part of the repair room to complete the troubleshooting process.

  3. 3

    It involves determining the authenticity of a car, usually when a person intends to buy a car for the vehicle’s expertise, which includes technical expertise (engine, gearbox, etc.) body (accident and colorization) and determination of actual performance and authenticity. (If the settings are manipulated like function size).

  4. 4

    Each car is designed by a factory or internationally accredited corporation for a specific form of modification, including changes in engine efficiency, decorative accessories – including flap shields and exhausts called body kits – that enable the tuning of these modifications by tuning it. The car says that for each car that is repaired at this repair shop if the customer so wishes and changes are made

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    Straightening and painting

    Includes car body service from waxing, polishing, staining and scratching to car repair after the most severe type of accident by professional staff and advanced equipment (including paint furnaces and equipment for determining and restoring basic vehicle standards to problems that may occur after an accident In the suspension and handling system)

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    Body cover
We offer you

Important reasons for our choice


Fast service with reasonable price


Reliable and experienced staff


No costly carving with the customer


Extensive and comprehensive services include all technical services, straightening, painting and tuning


Performing services in accordance with up-to-date workshop standards that include up-to-date technical knowledge and advanced equipment


Disclaimer All Customer Responsibility from Car Damage – Including Rapid Car Delivery 24/7 – Up to Car Delivery